“Monthly Mantra” (September 2014)

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”
-Maya Angelou

Mindful Morsels (July 2014)

As social workers we’re taught to “meet the client where they are.” This also includes one who chooses to do community work.

One of the reasons I chose the field of social work is because I knew that I wanted to “help people.” As cliche as this may sound, it’s true. The work that I want to do is at the community level.

For instance, on my ride to work I pass through a socially and economically depressed part of town. This area is set up and zoned for commerce, yet there are several abandoned shops and storefronts that are so ‘mom and pop’ that they probably don’t draw a large clientele. Another thing I witness is poverty, prostitution, drug addicted people, liquor stores (literally, on every other corner). It breaks my heart!

My belief is that when people are afforded opportunities and resources they rise to the occasion of ownership and having a pride in their surroundings.

My conflict is two fold, seeing the potential in something that is unfulfilled and  understanding the social work way; meaning, finding out what people in that community really want, versus imposing my ideals as to what I think they need. The proverbial, “meeting the client where they are.”

The struggle continues…



Mindful Morsels (Top 10 National Giving Foundations)

1. Bill and Melinda Gates — $37.2 Billion — WA State Based
Funds programs in: US Education, International initiatives

2. Ford Foundation — $11.2 Billion — NY Based
Fund programs in: Social justice issues

3. J Paul Getty Trust — $10.5 Billion — CA Based
Funds programs in: Art

4. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation — $9.5 Billion — NJ Based
Funds programs in: Health and Healthcare

5. W.K. Kellogg Foundation — $8.1 Billion — MI Based
Funds programs in: Empowerment of children

6. William and Flora Hewlett Foundation –$7.7 Billion — CA Based
Funds programs in: Performing arts, education, global development, effective philanthropy

7. Lily Endowment Inc. — $7.2 Billion — IN Based
Funds programs in: Religion, education and community development, with special emphasis on young people, promoting leadership and  education.

8. The David and Lucile Packard Foundation — $6.3 Billion — CA Based
Funds programs in: children, families and communities, conservation and science, population and reproductive health, capacity building

9. The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation –$5.9 Billion — IL Based
Funds programs in: Human rights, global conservation, affects of technology on children and society.

10. Gordon and Betty More Foundation — $5.7 Billion — CA Based
Funds programs in: Environment, patient care, science